Hudson Has Partnered With RTL Spiroudome and Sebastien Bellin to Form Hudson Web TV [CAUTION: Graphic Content]

Sebastien Bellin lies battered on the ground in a pool of blood, with the chaos surrounding him.
(Ketevan Kardava / GPB)

Sebastien was just 30 yards away from the second of three bombs that killed 32 people and left 300 more injured that day. His left leg and right hip were shattered by the blast and shrapnel ripped through his muscle and tissue leaving parts of bone exposed in his leg.

    CBS News "48 Hours" Sebastien Bellin Documentary

Sebastien Bellin is a former Brazilian-Belgian basketball player who played 15 years of professional basketball in four countries throughout Europe, and was a member of the Belgian National Basketball Team.

Although basketball is a major part of who Sebastien Bellin is, it is only one reason Hudson took the opportunity to partner with him in the creation of Hudson Web TV.

While an experience like this would normally leave scars and bitterness that remain long after the physical wounds have healed, Sebastien has attacked life with the same ferocity and proactive approach as he played basketball. He has already returned to his normal travel patterns, even flying in and out of Brussels airport, not allowing fear to control his life. Sebastien used the experience as fuel to augment his entrepreneurial spirit to new heights. The courage with which Sebastien lives his life combined with his vigorous approach to make the most of everyday is an inspiration and reflects the values that Hudson strives to reflect.

Hudson is excited for the opportunity to partner with Sebastien and present Hudson Web TV.

Hudson Web TV streams many of the sporting events that take place at the RTL Spiroudome in Charleroi, Belgium, including:

    - Home games of the professional basketball team Proximus Spirou Charleroi who feature players and personnel from Serbia, United States, Belgium, Cuba, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    - The FIBA Euroleague Women and Men’s Contests which include some of the best professional basketball teams throughout Europe and feature players who come from all over the World.

    - Other amateur and professional events include volleyball, boxing, and floor hockey.

Just as Hudson operates and links people and products in the supply chain, Hudson Web TV interconnects people and fans with their home teams and home town players. Hudson and Hudson Web TV help make a world that appears huge and complicated much smaller and more manageable.

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