Clean & Green™

Hudson's Green Focus

Transportation accounts for a massive percentage of the greenhouse gasses emitted into the earth’s atmosphere every year. Trains, ships, and trucks all rely on fossil fuels to transport goods both domestically and internationally. Few companies are in a position to create a comprehensive plan to reduce emissions across all methods of transportation. At Hudson, we are up for the challenge.

As a leading global supply chain manager, Hudson utilizes all methods of transportation to accommodate its clients’ needs. This puts Hudson in a unique position to assess how the movement of goods can be economized with a focus on reducing emissions and costs. By having a diverse portfolio of transportation assets, Hudson not only determines which route is most efficient but also analyzes which method of transportation reaps the biggest environmental and financial dividends. Once the preferred method is identified, Hudson has vast access to whichever mode of transportation is best for the customer and the earth.

High Efficiency HudsonmaxTM Prototype

No matter what method is selected, our customers can rest assured that Hudson is operating with efficiency and with environmental sensitivity as our top priorities. Hudson employs the newest ships and keeps them maintained to the highest possible standards. Our vessels are up to 30% more efficient than their predecessors, and their capabilities are maximized by thorough upkeep and operation.

Rail and Trucking the Clean & GreenTM Way

Rail is the most efficient way to move large quantities by land, and Hudson makes extensive use of rail assets to minimize costs and emissions. Routes are chosen with a focus on speed and economy, and Hudson uses only first-class operators to ensure quality is never sacrificed. 70% of all freight is moved by trucks, and Hudson customizes routes, equipment and personnel to economize transport and reduce waste. Hudson utilizes members of EPA’s Smart way or its international equivalents to ensure maximum efficiency.

By employing a comprehensive approach to managing its environmental footprint, Hudson reduces the burden transportation places on the environment while, at the same time, reducing costs for our customers. The use of state-of-the art technologies and methods is a hallmark of Hudson’s operations and produces a win-win scenario for our clients and our planet.

Certified Sustainability

Don't just take our word for it! In an effort to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability we have partnered with Ecovadis, a premier sustainability ratings provider. Ecovadis has assessed hundreds of thousands of companies across the world. Our Ecovadis performance scorecard validates our ongoing dedication to sustainable transportation. This rating considers not just our environmental performance but our success in several other areas including labor and human rights as well.


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