Comprehensive, On-Time, Specialized Transportation

Hudson prides itself in achieving excellence at COST© in Supply Chain Management (SCM), overcoming the unique challenges faced by clients over a wide gamut of industries. With a concentration on door-to-door logistics for dry bulk materials, Hudson utilizes a variety of specialized equipment.


Hudson employs a wide range of grabs, from general purpose to specialized use. They're stored in ports of call and on vessels around the world in order to maintain a high level of availability for use with Hudson's cargoes. With careful planning and organization, Hudson is able to move the grabs through its existing supply chain infrastructure to the areas where they are most needed.

Hoppers and Skids

Bottlenecks in the logistics chain can cause major headaches and growing costs for ensuing delays.  With customers requiring different delivery methods, Hudson finds creative ways to overcome new challenges. For back-of-truck delivery, Hudson has partnered with stevedores to deploy large hoppers that act as a buffer while discharging cargo. This COST©-saving method allows more cargo to be easily and quickly discharged into the hopper, which then fills each truck that passes underneath. Efficient innovations like these keep operations running smoothly and Hudson's customers happy.



Speed and efficiency often dictate a successful loading or discharge operation. These metrics are quantifiable through savings in man hours, vessel time, and labor usage. One of the many tools in Hudson's arsenal to aid in the increased efficiencies is the conveyor. Simple enough, but often overlooked in the shipping community, these belted behemoths offer an expedient alternative for loading bulk cargoes that would otherwise load and discharge much more slowly if done through conventional methods such as grabs. Even though conveyors represent a significant investment of capital and real estate, they help Hudson to increase a customer's bottom line and thus improve profits via the COST© doctrine.

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Spreader Bars and Other Equipment

Spreader bars are another example of the equipment Hudson employs to provide quality, efficient service. Spreader bars are used to evenly distribute the weight of bulky materials across a wider surface, increasing the amount of cargo that can be carried in each gear load, and therefore increasing the working rate. Excavators, skids, and other specialized equipment each service a specific need in the logistics chain. Hudson is always exploring new ideas and innovative equipment to improve its processes. This equipment enhances the efficiency of the cargo handling process, adding value and reinforcing Hudson's COST© principles.