Providing Global Service Since 1972

Hudson understands that the key to success is an unwavering focus on the customer. Hudson works diligently with clients to predict market trends and anticipate shifting needs, enabling our customers to capitalize on shifting currents through the employment of adaptable, proactive supply chain solutions. For over 50 years, a relationship with Hudson has meant responsive, around-the-clock service provided by experienced operators who are focused on delivering reliable and efficient logistics coordination and execution.

Regions and Commodities

Maritime transport truly moves our world! Hudson's vessels traverse the globe, completing hundreds of voyages every year. Our number of yearly shipments continues to rise, especially throughout Australasia, the Gulf of Mexico and South America. While grain, minerals, and sands comprise many of Hudson’s shipments, they are certainly not the only commodities we carry. Coal, sugar, fertilizer, iron ore, scrap, steel, and petcoke are just a few of the additional goods Hudson frequently transports, and this list is growing annually.

Despite global supply chain issues, Hudson has remained steadfast in its efforts to provide quality transport and continues to seek new avenues for growth and future success.

Our Supply Chain Management-Logistics Model

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Custom Solutions

Expansion is an essential part of any solid growth strategy. In 2012, Hudson shifted its focus toward added value services and product lines. As such, Hudson provides Milling, Grinding, Sorting, Mining and Bagging services as well as local distribution to the end users.  Hudson offers “Tailor-Made-Solutions” from “Mine to Plant” that enables access to new markets. Hudson’s “Tailor-Made-Solutions” include the full progression of mining beginning with surfacing, drilling, digging, crushing, and processing at the origin; to trucking, shipping, or barging to the destination.

Mineral Processing

Hudson’s extensive experience in material handling and process control resulted in uniquely designed and built, efficient mineral processing facilities. Automation allows much reduced manual labor allowing for typical operations to be performed from a control room. Hudson's design-build process integrates ideas formed from its background in multiple industries. Hudson is motivated by its commitment to the success of its customer – a value that Hudson maintains as an unquestionable standard of doing business. The equipment and processes used in the mineral processing plants that Hudson has designed and built have many applications.

  • Mineral Processing Plants    
  • Limestone Processing Plants       
  • Phosphate Rock Processing Plants     
  • Bentonite Clay Processing Plants   
  • Barite Grinding Plants

Hudson has several active crushing operations. Hudson utilizes both horizontal and vertical shaft impactor crushing units to reduce the size of minerals and ores to fit whatever Hudson's customers need.

Mining Exploration

Hudson offers a variety of certified geological and mining staff services including: preliminary assessment, geological mapping, drilling and sampling, and mineral resource estimation.

Surfacing / Mining

With an assortment of bulldozers, front loaders, excavators and more, Hudson’s ensemble of heavy machinery allows the efficient removal of surface-level terrain to access valuable minerals and resources underneath, such as sand, gravel, stones, coal, iron and other metals.

Drill & Blast

Hudson is well suited to, and experienced in, handling drill and blast mining, which involves the careful planning and execution of using explosives to fracture and crumble large rock formations.


Hudson uses its proprietary know-how to achieve a blend that ultimately consists of very narrow fluctuations, in turn allowing the best overall mix and various slurry "recipes". The consistent formula derived from this knowledge results in efficiencies, lower costs, and reduced carbon footprint.


With highly efficient grinding and milling equipment at many of its facilities, such as the the Raymond® vertical mill and various Anivi mills, Hudson is able to pulverize materials to extreme fineness.


Hudson's experience and expertise in utilizing existing cleaning/washing systems to wash products for its customers has prompted innovations. Recently, a screening plant was retrofitted with effective cleaning/washing systems and is now a highly efficient operation that allows for washing mineral products as they are screened.


Hudson has drying capacity at many of its terminals and ports. The drying process removes the moisture in the raw material, reducing it to under 1%, which in turn allows the material to be accepted at the customer’s plants.

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Port Services

In addition to the usual port services for customers, Hudson offers related services including port and customs documentation and cargo handling. Hudson's specialized expert technical departments assist the commercial team in selecting the right type of vessel for each project. In port, our stevedores and engineers are experienced in handling all kinds of bulk products, project cargo, heavy lift and general cargo while focusing on quality and safety.