Proactive Efficient Adaptive Reliable Logistics

PEARL© Proactive Efficient Adaptive Reliable Logistics (Proactive Efficient Adaptive Reliable Logistics) is an innovated supply chain management system developed by Hudson to provide comprehensive door-to-door service for our clients. The PEARL©  Proactive Efficient Adaptive Reliable Logisticssystem optimizes customer supply chains to reduce costly delays while increasing resilience and flexibility. With  PEARL© Proactive Efficient Adaptive Reliable Logistics, Hudson provides our clients with:

  • Hudson's skills and expertise in tax optimization, regulatory compliance, and customs clearance
  • Access to a truly global network of transportation assets
  • The energy and experience of the Hudson team of supply chain management experts

Systems you can count on. People you can trust.

Complete Supply Chain Management System

The PEARL©  Proactive Efficient Adaptive Reliable Logisticssystem streamlines your supply chain to allow your business to operate economically and grow organically, without scaling constraints. Utilizing Hudson for logistics support frees up your personnel and capital to concentrate on your core competencies while Hudson creates a customized supply chain strategy to improve efficiency and reduce costs. With Hudson, your business will gain access to a worldwide network of global assets and expertise. Hudson's inventory control experts assist in ensuring the proper flow of materials where and when they are needed.

By using GOLD© Standard techniques, Hudson can safely and economically place multiple grades of dry bulk commodities in the same hold, enabling optimal usage of available space. Hudson also handles local job site logistics, providing the equipment, know-how, and personnel to ensure swift operation of job sites and expert handling of sensitive commodities. Hudson's global supply chain finance specialists can also provide goods in-transit financing to increase flexibility and reduce cash flow concerns.

The PEARL© Proactive Efficient Adaptive Reliable Logistics system also simplifies new market penetration. With PEARL© Proactive Efficient Adaptive Reliable Logistics, Hudson can leverage its global expertise to advise you on how to connect and leverage your supply chain to maximize efficiency and complete your strategic objectives in new markets. Local knowledge is utilized to facilitate market entry and increase product and brand awareness. Hudson can apply its global knowledge and local expertise to avoid regulatory pitfalls and maximize market penetration. Whether you are breaking into new markets or optimizing your current supply chain, Hudson can bring unparalleled efficiency and flexibility to your logistics operations with its PEARL©  Proactive Efficient Adaptive Reliable Logisticssystem.

Creating value through true convergence


Blue Water Transportation

Hudson is a leading carrier and distributor of various commodities worldwide with a fleet of over 50 dry bulk vessels backed by over 50 years of knowledge and expertise. Utilizing the GOLD© Standard and COST© Comprehensive, On-Time, Specialized Transportation COST© techniques to meet customer needs with innovative logistics solutions. Hudson’s worth goes beyond ships and experience. Hudson also calls on a diverse network of global relationships to ensure the efficient and reliable transportation of customer goods.

Road Transportation

The freight portion of a supply chain many times begins and ends with road transportation. Responsive and adaptable, trucks move over 70% of the world’s freight. As part of Hudson’s PEARL© Proactive Efficient Adaptive Reliable Logisticsmanagement system, Hudson employs trucking carriers across the globe to ensure our customers’ goods are moved quickly and efficiently. This is especially valuable when moving oversize or delicate cargoes.  Read more about how Hudson engaged road transportation to move two massive sets of fiberglass hatch covers from Kentucky to Vancouver at Case Studies: Cross-Continental Trucking.

Rail Transportation

Rail networks offer an efficient and economical way to move large amounts of commodities overland. One freight train can carry over 200 cars, which allows the rapid and affordable transportation of goods across continents. Connecting your existing supply chain to rail transportation can dramatically reduce costs and increase flexibility. Hudson recently demonstrated an innovative use of rail transportation when it employed rail cars to circumvent the “Polar Vortex” that gripped the Midwestern United States and froze the Mississippi River, making barge transport impossible. Read more at Hudson Overcomes The Polar Vortex

Narrow Waterway Barging

Barging along narrow waterways is the most efficient and environmentally friendly method of transporting goods inland. A single barge has an equivalent capacity to 15 rail cars or 60 truck trailers. A single tugboat can handle multiple barges, providing excellent opportunities to take advantage of economies of scale. While obvious geographical limitations apply, Hudson works with clients to determine if lightering into barges can be a cost effective method of transporting their goods inland. Hudson's expertise in barge transportation also extends to the sourcing of custom barges where required to suit a customer's specific needs.

Stevedoring, Storage, and Terminal Operation

Hudson operates a system of terminals, warehouses, agencies, and stevedoring companies to meet our customers’ need for responsive, dependable, port services. These stevedores and agents are inventive and knowledgeable, with decades of experience employing Hudson’s proprietary methods to solve logistics challenges. The advantages of this approach are exemplified by Hudson’s GOLD© Standard techniques, which maximize operational load distribution through the employment of separations. Through the use of these separations, stevedores can load different types of cargo in the same hold which allows Hudson to better serve its customers through flexible shipping schedules and increased vessel utilization.

Small Parcel Services

Hudson's focus is not only limited to large dry bulk commodities. Hudson also assists clients with the transport of smaller parcels and cargoes. By utilizing its GOLD© Standard techniques, Hudson ensures these smaller parcels are transported precisely and effectively.