Hudson Overcomes The Polar Vortex

As part of its complete transit solution, Hudson normally transfers a customer’s material from Europe to the American Midwest through the great lakes. As winter progresses and the lakes freeze over, Hudson adapts the supply chain to move the material up from New Orleans, where it is lightered onto barges the trans-shipped up the Mississippi River.

The recent “polar vortex” made this plan of action impossible. The sustained, bitter cold froze the Illinois River at key junctions, making passage by barge completely unworkable. Another solution would have to be found.
The customer was relying on Hudson to secure a financially viable alternative for the goods, as they was needed in the Midwest. Hudson responded by securing rail transit assets to finish the journey. The barges were discharged on the river, material was transferred to waiting rail cars, and the materials were delivered as required by the customer.

By utilizing the rail system, Hudson was able to preserve the customer’s supply chain despite the phenomenally brutal weather. Hudson prides itself on its innovative uses of both ground and water transportation assets, and was happy to employ its knowledge in this situation to keep the customer’s supply chain efficient and robust despite the polar vortex.