As a leader in international supply chain management, Hudson Shipping Lines, Inc. is often put in a position to observe firsthand the crises and deprivations which threaten the disadvantaged globally. Established in 1999, the Hudson Shipping Lines Humanitarian Action Network (HUMAN) is designed to leverage Hudson’s assets and experience to respond to and alleviate these global concerns.

Mission Statement

HUMAN is a broadly focused charitable fund which accesses Hudson’s resources and international expertise with the purpose of identifying and advancing short- and long-term humanitarian goals.


HUMAN possesses a self-contained organizational structure which locates relevant projects, develops a strategy for Hudson's involvement, and then executes that strategy. HUMAN's budget draws from a portion of Hudson's profits however, Hudson makes additional funding available to HUMAN when the situation demands it. With decision making directed by a small team, and support sourced from Hudson’s considerable resources and dynamic employees, HUMAN has both the agility and strength to realize its ambitious objectives.


HUMAN looks for challenges where a strong Hudson influence can make a difference, either through long-term projects (such as cancer research) or shorter-term solutions (such as mosquito nets). HUMAN gives special consideration to areas where Hudson's shipping expertise enables it to be more effective than other organizations; areas where Hudson’s local contacts or understanding will enable it to provide a unique perspective on the problem. HUMAN focuses primarily, but not exclusively, on projects in the following areas:

Disease Research and PreventionHUMAN aggressively supports both proactive and reactive efforts to contain, control, and cure a wide variety of diseases. HUMAN has the capability to work through local authorities in order to distribute critical supplies like vaccines, mosquito nets, and medication while at the same time possessing the relationships and funding necessary to make a difference through advanced research. HUMAN’s comprehensive approach to disease mitigation and prevention is a shining example of its pursuit of humanitarian advancement.

Poverty Alleviation: In many ways, it can be said that poverty is the deprivation from which all others spawn. It is the poor who lack access to the necessary medications that stave off disease, resources to avoid or mitigate disasters, and education to better their future. In many parts of the world, the cycle of poverty can look almost unbreakable. HUMAN rejects this presupposition and looks to lift people out of poverty through traditional methods, like school funding and direct aid, as well as through cutting-edge methods such as microfinance and philanthropic development.

Disaster Relief: When disaster strikes, the humanitarian implications can be astonishing. The gap in simple services like food delivery, potable water availability, and basic medical care can put millions at risk. HUMAN excels in situations such as this. HUMAN’s directory responsibility is concentrated in a few key persons which allows for rapid decision making in times of crisis. This dexterity, combined with access to Hudson’s expansive logistic capabilities and deep local knowledge, means HUMAN can swiftly assess the magnitude of any disaster and respond to it with focus and zeal.


HUMAN creates a framework where Hudson's resources are combined with the energy and knowledge of Hudson's employees to make a difference in lives around the world. Through close involvement with projects ranging from disaster relief to charitable development, HUMAN ensures that Hudson is known not only for its commercial prowess but also its impact among those in need.

If you wish to assist Hudson's HUMAN project with its efforts, please Contact Us.

In addition to Hudson's HUManitarian Action Network initiatives, learn how Hudson supports both local and global causes via the Community Outreach program.

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