Working at Hudson

Hudson is an industry leading global supply chain management company with offices worldwide. Hudson's employees are placed at the heart of global trade in a challenging and fast-paced work environment. Hudson understands that only the best can thrive in this atmosphere, and Hudson works hard to recruit, train and retain the finest talent in the industry.


In order to relieve the pressures of working in the 24/7 business that is global trade, Hudson provides its employees benefits which ease worries and allow time for relaxation. Extended lunch periods are given to all employees in order to exercise and recuperate during the day. A day care facility on the premises and an employer sponsored top-tier health insurance plan help employees maintain proper work-life balance. Fringe benefits, such as sporting events and outings, also emphasize the positives of working for an industry leader like Hudson. Relationships with iconic sports teams and leagues around the globe provide employees with unique experiences as well as the opportunity to watch games from the front row or executive suites.

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Hudson has a strong commitment to keeping its employees fit and active. Walking and standing desks provide employees the opportunity to stretch their legs while at work. Health club membership is encouraged, and in most cases, provided by the company, with both in-facility and dedicated options available. Hudson's employees have seized these opportunities, with an intra-office basketball game becoming a twice weekly fixture at our US location.

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Hudson is devoted to its employees’ continued development. Hudson makes every effort to make sure its employees remain on the cutting edge of the industry. Hudson provides employees with a multitude of options for continuing training, from our accessible Shipping and Information Lesson Series (SAILS©) to extensive chartering and P&I master classes, complementing their academic instruction. Hudson employees are also dispatched to project sites around the world to see firsthand the scale of Hudson’s operations.

Employees at Hudson are dedicated to the company and the industry and, in turn, Hudson is committed to keeping its employees happy, healthy and on the vanguard of the supply chain management industry.

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