Hudson Saves The Whales!

Hudson maintains a Green Focus when considering our relationship to the environment. We believe it is important to operate efficiently and with environmental sensitivity in mind. When given the opportunity to assist a small population of orcas, more commonly known as killer whales, we were proud to join with the Port of Vancouver for the vessel slowdown trial in Haro Strait.

The Haro Strait is an important feeding area for an endangered population of 78 killer whales. Between August 7 and October 6, 2017, Hudson vessels have and will continue to reduce their speed to 11 knots in the Haro Strait. The trial is to measure what level of noise reduction can be achieved through lowering vessel speed and its effect on the whale population, as it's been proposed that underwater vessel noise interferes with killer whales ability to hunt, navigate and communicate.

Preliminary reports from the trial are that Hudson ships are performing well! We expect full results in October and will be happy to share them with you. More information is provided on the infographic below and click through for the official trial page. More information on Hudson's Green Focus is through the link.