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MV HSL Tampa Gets Fast Satellite Broadband Service

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If you’re sailing around the world, it only makes sense to have the world at your fingertips.

Thanks to engineering and innovation, Hudson was able to install satellite broadband technology on Hudson’s latest Blue Ocean ship, MV HSL Tampa, an 82,000 dwt “Kamsarmax” class vessel. Now, crew members can enjoy access to streaming services, make video calls to family and friends, and more.

The powerful new technology allows data to complete 70 roundtrips between Earth and its satellites in the same time it takes data to make one round trip between Earth and a standard satellite. This offers reliable connectivity regardless of extreme weather conditions, and peace of mind as safety issues like crew isolation while at sea are reduced.

Once again, Hudson demonstrates how to use innovation to overcome any challenge, and in keeping with its HUMAN philosophy, brings people closer together.

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