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AnotherWIN for HUDSON and its CLIENT . . . . . A BIG LOSS for the PIRATES!



Almost 3 years ago, a Hudsonclient had its goods stolen aboard a pirated vessel that was eventually locatedoff the coast of China. Eventually, the local maritime court became involvedand after some careful maneuvering (despite repeated threats by the pirates) anarrest warrant was issued, and a 2-year standoff ensued.


As the situation became moredesperate, Hudson entered the fray in an effort to formulate a customized, outof the box and comprehensive solution to the fragile impasse and rescue anddeliver the goods to its valued client.


“Hudson specializes in findingsolutions for difficult problems/projects that other companies flee from”  


Within weeks of getting involved,Hudson was able to develop and facilitate a multi-faceted plan which wasquickly approved by the Chinese Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) and theNingbo Maritime Court and involved Hudson spearheading cooperation among thepirates, the client (and its insurer), the head owner of the pirated vessel andlocal authorities.



The approved plan involved Hudson firstbringing a substitute vessel to a specially designated location (secured by 400armed police).  A complicated “ship toship” transfer of the goods was then performed using a multiple crane barge sothat the goods could safely be transported to the rightful destination.  


Hudson approaches problems asopportunities to prove our first-class, logistical capabilities and further ourrelationship and trust with customers.  


Hudson wishes to acknowledge andgive a SPECIAL THANK YOU to the NINGBO MARITIME COURTwhose oversight and cooperation was instrumental in our success!  


Hudson is proud to be the strongest link in your supply chain.

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