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World Oceans Day 2024: Hudson Continues Saying “NO to Scrubbers”

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Join Hudson in celebrating UN World Oceans Day!

Since 1992, Oceans Day has been celebrated on June 8th, being finally declared by the United Nations as “World Oceans Day” in 2008.  Every year the UN is joined by many countries around the world in recognizing the importance of our oceans and engaging the global community by celebrating World Oceans Day.  

This year’s theme, Awaken New Depths, focuses on how “our relationship to the ocean needs to urgently change, and our efforts have only skimmed the surface to date” concepts that Hudson has supported and advocated for years.

As an industry leader, Hudson takes seriously its responsibility in keeping our oceans, and our planet, healthy.  Over the years, Hudson has implemented numerous eco-conscious measures such as compacting and recycling refuse aboard Hudson vessels, fitting Hudson vessels with efficient technologies to achieve A+ and B+ Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions ratings, and conscientiously routing vessels to avoid fragile Arctic ecosystems.

Five years ago, Hudson pledged true sulfur cap compliance by rejecting the use of scrubbers, officially known as “Exhaust Gas Cleaning Systems” (a euphemism for discharging toxins into the ocean). Hudson has kept this promise and continues to prohibit the use of these systems on any of its vessels.  

Hudson’s forward-looking and longstanding pledge is now being reinforced by emerging scientific research and increasing bans on scrubber waste. Hudson hopes that in leading by example, other companies will follow suit and say “NO” to these harmful, ocean-polluting technologies. Instead of exploiting a loophole created by lobbyists for marginal profits, Hudson urges the industry to prioritize the health of our oceans and combat pollution and warming.

The Hudson team is excited to attend this year’s hybrid celebration of UN World Oceans Day to “explore new depths of understanding, compassion, collaboration, commitment, and more”.

We don't have time for “out of sight out of mind.”

If the world is numb to numbers, motivating momentum will require opening minds, igniting senses,

and inspiring possibilities to protect our planet’s beating heart. We need to awaken new 

depths within our own. –



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