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Hudson’s New Waste Management Program Shows Promising Impact

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Hudson is pleased to announce a new test program as its next eco-friendly endeavor. As a part of the company’s ongoing ‘green’ initiatives, Hudson is now using refuse compactors on their ships. These waste compactors are providing a safe, yet very effective way to manage garbage aboard vessels. Not only are they better for the environment, but they also reduce the costs associated with waste removal.

“Simple is Good” is Hudson’s prevailing philosophy. It is a stance that usually leads to improved safety and was something Hudson kept in mind when choosing refuse compactors. Hudson selected trash compactors that were made in the USA with patented technology. These “Simple yet Good” compactors do not use high-pressure air, hydraulic cylinders or even electric motors. This means there are no CO2 emissions and that the compactors are most certainly CLEAN & GREENTM!

The compactors may be simple, but they still are able to generate up to 4000 PSI of force. They can compact up to eight times the normal refuse generated on Hudson’s ships.

Safe, simple and powerful waste compactors can only lead to good things. Compacted trash is easier for crews to manage. It also lowers waste storage and disposal costs. Most importantly, compacted trash saves precious space in landfills, which is better for the Earth.


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