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Hudson Prepares for COVID-19

Customer Relations

Confidence and caution are the themes moving forward for Hudson Shipping Lines (“Hudson”) during these uncertain times.

Hudson is fortunate to be in a strong position as an organization and thus is confident that we will continue to earn the trust of our customers, stakeholders, vendors, and business partners as we forge ahead through the wake of the global pandemic. Through an abundance of caution and proactive measures, we have been maintaining a social distancing policy and encouraging our non-essential employees to work from home wherever possible, so that we can stay ahead of, and hopefully help to flatten the curve. For the same reasons, as we evaluate the evolution of the pandemic, we will consider cancelling/postponing the various public events that were scheduled for the coming months.

We will continue to provide the same level of service and will continue to monitor the situation with COVID-19 as it develops around the world. Although most communication and workflows should be no different to the outside world, we appreciate your patience and understanding. Protecting the health, safety and security of our Hudson family and crew are our top priorities.

As always, thank you for trusting Hudson as the strongest link in your supply chain.

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