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Hudson Celebrates El Día del Niño

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Since 1925, “El Día del Niño” or “Day of the Child” has been celebrated annually on April 30th. Established by former Mexican president, Álvaro Obregón, and Minister of Education, José Vasconcelos, El Día del Niño recognizes children’s importance to society.  Now, throughout México and many Latin American countries, April 30th is a day when children’s rights are remembered and exciting events are hosted to make children feel special on a day dedicated to them.

Children’s Day, April 30th

On this 100th year anniversary of El Día del Niño, Hudson celebrated the children in Torreón with childhood favorites: games, sweets, presents, and of course, pizza!  

                                                               A fun-filled day was enjoyed by all who attended!

Hudson recognizes the vital role that children play in our future and the “right of children to have the necessary means for their development.”  Whether it’s sponsoring Olympic hopefuls and young Everest scaling prodigies, providing educational opportunities to child refugees, or doing our part to keep the planet healthy for future generations, Hudson is proud to honor and support children all around the world.

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