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Hudson is currently matching each donation made toward our goal of US $75,000 for the Mission to Seafarers organization.

In addition, members of Hudson’s team will be cycling a “Tour de France” simulation to bring awareness and further raise funds for our Mission to Seafarers campaign.


The cycling event will take place from June 30th through July 21st in Perth, Western Australia, following the same time frame and distance as the Tour de France, for a total distance of 3492 km (or 2170 miles).


While preparation is hard work, and cycling this many miles will be grueling, Hudson’s team empathizes with the even more taxing conditions it takes to be a seafarer.


Seafarers not only face the consequences of war and piracy, but their physical and mental well-being is threatened with the environmental impacts of climate change and other issues including cancer from long-term exposure to asbestos-comprised equipment on board.


Seafarers are essential to the global economy, and through our Hudson campaign, we want to show our appreciation for our seafarers’ dedication to helping the world despite the challenges they experience while at sea.


Please donate by visiting: Help Support the Mission to Seafarers

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