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Hudson Welcomes New Addition to Our Athlete Sponsorship Program

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Meet Cesar! Hudson’s new athlete is a force to be reckoned with. The eighteen-year-old gymnast from Choyal, Mexico is taking the sport by storm. Over the past year alone, Cesar has dominated in competition after competition. At the CONADE State Games in March, Cesar brought home seven gold medals along with the all-around state champion title. In May, Cesar received a silver and bronze medal at the National Federation Championship. And just this past June, Cesar celebrated a first-place win in pommel horse at the CONADE National Games.

Up next, Cesar has his sights set on the Junior World Championships. However, the competition to get there will be fierce. To represent Mexico in the Junior World Championships, Cesar must prove himself amongst 26 of the best gymnasts in the country. After stage one of the contest, Cesar is ranked in seventh place. The second stage of the competition begins February 17th in Nuevo León.

Regardless of the results of Cesar’s next competition, he has already made us proud! Cesar’s story is one of humbled beginnings, hard work and dedication. Cesar comes from very modest means and throughout his life has had to endure so many struggles. It is through sheer will that he has overcome these hardships. Today, Cesar is a straight-A student with dreams of college. There, he hopes to study physical education, biology and the marine environment. It is actually the latter (amongst other things) that connected him to us! Truly, Cesar is a shining example of how perseverance pays off and we are inspired by his efforts. He embodies all the characteristics that Hudson admires most! Join us in wishing Cesar the best of luck at his competition next month!

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