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Climbing For a Cause! This Six-Year-Old hopes her Journey to Mount Everest Base Camp Can Help Save The Oceans!

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Six-year-old Saesha Mangesh Raut is no ordinary little girl.Born with an innate love for adventure, Saesha’s fearless attitude and relentless determination have taken her places others could only dream of. From paragliding over the Swiss Alps to mountain climbing in the Himalayas, there is truly no limit to what Saesha will try.  

Saesha’s age makes her next adventure that much more astonishing. Saesha has her sights set on Mount Everest. At 29,035 feet, Mount Everest is the highest point on Earth and although Saesha won’t be scaling the summit quite yet, she will be ascending to the Everest Base Camp. Make no mistake, this is still a treacherous journey. A base camp trek takes climbers to an altitude of 17,598 feet and requires nearly two weeks to complete. To train for the trip Saesha cycles over twenty miles each day and that is in addition to her five-mile walks and yoga exercises. If Saesha can successfully reach base camp, it will be record-breaking! She will be the youngest climber to make it to base camp in history.

And Saesha is not done yet! She wants her record-breaking climb to draw awareness to a special cause. Seasha is terribly concerned with the pollution of our oceans. She recently heard about the damage of scrubber washwater and has made it her mission to protect the fragile marine environment. She is hopeful her journey will draw attention to this important issue and encourage others to protect the oceans.

Of course, this is something we fully support. That is why we are thrilled to sponsor Saesha’s Everest climb. Words can’t express how impressed we are by Saesha! Her courage is something we truly admired. We are simply amazed by her conviction to stand for what she knows is right.

You can learn more about Saesha and her Mount Everest climb through the link below. There is an opportunity to donate to Saesha’s cause and we highly encourage doing so. Please consider helping this incredible little girl accomplish her dreams! 

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