Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment

As a globally integrated organization Hudson recognizes the value and importance of good corporate citizenship. A good corporate citizen is not only driven by profits, but also by a sense of responsibility to its employees, customers and the world as a whole. Accordingly, Hudson emphasizes the tenets of responsible corporate governance, quality, health, safety, and environment (QHSE) throughout all levels of the organization to ensure the safe and efficient provision of supply chain management services.

Training and education are the most effective strategies to prevent accidents and ensure consistent, high quality work. Hudson employees go through an extensive training period when hired and immediately begin working closely with some of the most experienced people in supply chain management. Where circumstances allow, trainees are posted onsite at one of Hudson’s logistics facilities or on Hudson equipment so that they can experience firsthand the scale of our operations and gain a new perspective on the industry. The Hudson employee’s supply chain management education doesn't end after training; Hudson employees benefit from company provided training and continuing education classes to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Hudson’s QHSE focus does not start and end at our employees; it informs our business practices and is pervasive in all aspects of our corporate culture. Our fleet of vehicles, equipment, and ocean transportation vessels are some of the newest and most environmentally friendly on the planet. Great pains are taken to remove biological fouling and to sterilize cargo, preventing the spread of invasive species and improving efficiency. Overland routes are chosen with both speed and fuel efficiency in mind, minimizing environmental impact and saving our customers time and money. Hudson’s corporate sense of responsibility extends beyond commercial concerns. When Hudson encounters people in need it moves to assist, either through the HUMAN project or with immediate action on the part of officers, operators and crew.

QHSE practices form the foundation of any system of responsible corporate governance. At Hudson, they are integral to our business and our commitment to them defines us as the industry leading supply chain management company we are today.