Supply Chain Management Case Studies

Use Of Specialized Machinery In Dry Powder Cargo Handling

Hudson has developed a specialized knowledge base from being heavily involved in many dry powder trades. Part of this expertise is making sure the loading and discharge of dry powder cargoes can be made as quick as possible. A critical component of this effort is the use of specialized machinery in dry powder handling operations.

Hold Cleaning

Hudson vessels carry many different types of cargoes during the course of their voyages. While it is preferable to always carry clean cargoes, it's not uncommon for a cargo to leave the holds filthy and in desperate need of cleaning, as below with this cargo of Petcoke. When this occurs it's important to make sure the holds are cleaned for the next cargo.

Steel Services

Hudson has been managing steel supply chains for over 40 years and has developed an efficient and streamlined procedure for quickly and safely handling steel in line with Hudson’s C.O.S.T.© principles.

Advanced Lumber Stowage Techniques

Stowing lumber with a new type of lashing to increase the amount loaded. With the use of creative load techniques, careful planning, and cooperation amongst all partners involved, Hudson was able to increase the total amount loaded on board by 18%.

Ecologically Safe Hull Cleaning

Hudson utilizes ecologically safe cleaning techniques to increase efficiency and minimize our impact on the environment.

Comprehensive Minerals Transport

Hudson leverages new technologies and its historic expertise to ensure safe, flexible and efficient mineral transit.

Case Study: Cross-Continental Trucking

Hudson utilizes road assets to efficiently transport barge covers across the United States.

Case Study: Discharging Sensitive Material During Rain

Hudson finds an innovative solution to discharge sensitive cargo during rain.

Case Study: Linking Remote Supply Chains

Hudson integrates a remote mine in the arctic circle into a customer's existing supply chain.