Hudson Shipping Lines (Hudson) strives to provide fast, economical and reliable door to door supply chain management services. Utilizing a global network of assets and personnel developed over 40 years Hudson has developed the P.E.A.R.L.© system, which integrates Hudson’s G.O.L.D.© Standard techniques with strategically located assets with flexible logistics solutions saving time and effort for a diverse group of shippers, trading platforms and end users.

Hudson’s sense of mission is not limited to profit and loss. By procuring newer, more efficient vessels and employing them in an eco-conscious matter, Hudson proves that a Supply Chain Management company with many ships and shipping routes can be both successful and green. Hudson contributes to charitable causes worldwide to show that compassion and empathy do not recognize borders. But most importantly with each ton shipped, each product delivered, and each relationship cultivated, Hudson brings companies, people, and the world closer together.