Horizontal Separation

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Used to separate and hermetically seal different qualities of very sensitive or expensive cargo within the same hold. This separation technique is the most expensive technique, as each separation is custom-made to guarantee that the different grades/commodities will not be combined in any way during the voyage.

  • Sheets are specially manufactured and laid down prior to sterilization and separation operations. After the cargo is trimmed appropriately, sheets are applied to cargo hold on top of previously loaded material.
  • Special care and attention is taken in separating the two grades of cargo. Attention to detail is key and special inserts are placed between the vessel's structural elements to help achieve a good seal.
  • Plates are placed in the hold on top of the sheets and glued to one another to help stop them from shifting during transit or during discharge when the steel excavator tracks rumble over top of them. The use of screws or welding is not an option because the risk of contamination from welding slag or screws is too high.
  • As an added precaution, special tape is applied to the sections of the metal separations to assist the glue that was previously applied in holding the units in position.
  • A modified spout distributes cargo into the specifically outfitted hold.

Voluminous Separation