Lumped Separation

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Lumped separations are useful as a high-efficiency, lower-cost alternative to using expensive steel plating and custom created plastic sheets, but are only considered when the commodity being carried has a lower sensitivity for comingling within the hold. Hudson always takes special care in handling all cargoes, but if our techniques can assist a customer in safely delivering their cargo and reducing their costs, we will absolutely explore every possibility.

  • An area of the vessel's hold is prepared to accept the parcel by creating a clean landing zone surrounded by plastic tarps and sheets.
  • The first cargo is loaded into the previously prepared area.
  • The plastic flaps are folded up and over the loaded parcel and adhered in place using special tape.
  • Once a proper seal has been achieved, our personnel run a final check on the cargo before proceeding with the addition of the next cargo grade in the remainder of the hold.


Angled Separation